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U.S. study highlights bad driving behaviours from teens

Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions recently surveyed 2,294 high school students about their behaviour behind the wheel and some of the findings are quite alarming.

Nearly 70 percent say they have barely avoided having a serious accident at least once, and more than half of those teens say they've had multiple "near-miss" scares.

Those surveyed admitted to a rash of distracting or dangerous behaviours, such as speeding (30%), texting while driving (21%), talking to passengers (20%), and changing songs on their MP3 player (17%) instead of focusing on the road.

Obviously, teens can't take all the blame for road accidents, but a number of studies have shown that drivers aged 18 to 24 take the most unnecessary risks.

Distractions behind the wheel prove to be a definite problem for new drivers, giving more teeth to automakers and other organizations that want to clamp down on this growing phenomenon.

Source : USA Today