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Video: This Is What happens Inside Your Tires When You Drive

A view of the interior of a tire when on the road | Photo: YouTube (Warped Perception)
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Daniel Rufiange
We’ve said it before: Tires are the most important safety feature of your vehicle

•    A GoPro camera mounted inside a tire shows us what happens in there when you drive.

•    The flexibility of the tread is impressive in every way.

•    The number-one safety feature of a vehicle is a good set of tires.

Every time you hit the road, the most important safety feature of your vehicle goes to work: its tires. It's easy to forget, but without a good set of tires, driving would be much less safe. 

But what happens inside a tire when you drive? Have you ever wondered? We've seen videos showing how a tire deforms on the road, depending on the type of track it's on or the speed at which a corner is taken, for example, but what happens inside? A mystery. 

Not anymore. A new video posted on YouTube by the Warped Perception group, shows what's going on inside the air chamber. The way this was done was actually simple: a GoPro camera was installed inside. 

What we discover is both intriguing and, as the Jalopnik outlet pointed out when reporting the news, somewhat predictable. Indeed, we see… an empty space, and tire walls flexing.  But it’s interesting to see small debris floating around inside the chamber, and the degree to which the rubber deforms every time the tire comes in contact with the ground is impressive. 

Tire interior, as air is released
Tire interior, as air is released | Photo: YouTube (Warped Perception)

And towards the end, when the vehicle takes a turn more aggressively, it's fascinating to see the rubber really change shape. Just doing its job. 

In short, it’s a unique video that makes us realize what a fascinating object we find under each corner of our vehicle.

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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