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Volkswagen aims for 30 all-electric models by 2025

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As part of the “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” long-term plan, Volkswagen AG today announced its intention to launch more than 30 different all-electric models over the next 10 years. It represents the biggest change process in the German automaker’s history. 

Battery-powered vehicles will account for 2-3 million units in 2025, equivalent to 20%-25% of total Volkswagen AG sales expected at that time.

"Our future program ‘TOGETHER – Strategy 2025' will make the Volkswagen Group more focused, efficient, innovative, customer-driven and sustainable – and systematically geared to generating profitable growth. We aim to create lasting value for all our stakeholders. This can only be achieved together ― with our employees, with and for our customers, shareholders and business partners ― while being fully aware of our responsibility toward society and the environment," said CEO Matthias Müller.

Volkswagen AG appears to be fully committed to electrification just months after the diesel emissions scandal broke out, costing the manufacturer billions of dollars.