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Volkswagen of America boss resigns

In a shocking twist of events following the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the automaker’s president and CEO in America, Michael Horn, yesterday announced his resignation effective immediately. 

Volkswagen issued a statement trying to convince the public that the two sides had mutually agreed to part ways and that Horn was leaving to pursue other opportunities outside of the company.

This unexpected departure comes as a huge surprise for Volkswagen dealers in the U.S., which have shown Horn full support since dieselgate broke out. After all, he was the one who dared to publicly acknowledge before Congress that Volkswagen had screwed up.

After the changing of the guards at Volkswagen AG, Horn started to be at odds with the German bigwigs’ response to the crisis. New Volkswagen AG CEO Matthias Müller said in January that the company “didn’t lie to regulators,” which angered the media, authorities, and the public alike.

Hinrich J. Woebcken, who was recently named as the new head of North American Region, will replace Michael Horn as president and CEO of Volkswagen of America on an interim basis.