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Volkswagen plans to terminate “Das Auto” slogan

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It looks like Volkswagen wants to move on completely from the emissions scandal and restore trust in customers all over the world. After either firing or suspending those responsible for installing a defeat device in millions of vehicles, the German automaker now reportedly wants to get rid of its “Das Auto” slogan.

A Volkswagen spokesman told Automotive News it would no longer accompany the famous VW badge in the coming advertising campaign. 

"Wherever our logo appears in future, it will be backed by the new brand slogan 'Volkswagen,'" the spokesman said. "The slogan will be rolled out in stages across the world."

“Das Auto” was launched in 2007 under former Volkswagen AG CEO Martin Winterkorn. His replacement, Herbert Diess, described the slogan as absolutist and pretentious — it’s an image of regal arrogance that doesn’t fit the reality of VW today.

Time will tell if the buying public sees enough change and humility to put their faith back in Volkswagen.