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Detroit 2017: New, longer Volkswagen Tiguan on display (video)

The new, longer Volkswagen Tiguan | Photo: Volkswagen
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Guillaume Rivard
Now with seating for up to 7

As previously reported on, the Volkswagen brand is adding to the Tiguan range with the launch of a long version that can sit up to seven people.

In addition to its longer wheelbase, this new SUV is also identifiable by other features. The individually designed silhouette of the rear section, modifications to the front, and significantly enhanced standard equipment differentiate it from the more compact Tiguan model.

The longer VW Tiguan will be successively launched in North America, China, and Europe from as early as late spring. Note: In Europe, the name of the long version will carry the suffix “Allspace.”

Guillaume Rivard
Guillaume Rivard
Automotive expert