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Winter wheels from Volkswagen Accessories

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Source: Volkswagen

am Main, - Everyone knows that sandals are anything but the optimal shoes in winter. However, many drivers have difficulties when making the safe switch from summer tyres to winter tyres. But: In comparison to summer tyres, only winter tyres possess a softer tread surface mixture which ensures a better wheel grip at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius. Volkswagen Accessories offers winter complete wheels with high-quality light alloy rims and premium winter tyres for the majority of the Volkswagen models.

At frosty temperatures winter tyres ensure safe and controlled handling on wet or snowy roads. The protection against aquaplaning is considerably better in comparison to summer tyres. This is the result of the large number of sipes in the tyre tread, which ensure that the water rapidly escapes. Furthermore, tests employing summer tyres on winter roads have proven that the braking distance increases by at least 65 percent in comparison to winter tyres. One additional advantage of the Volkswagen Genuine complete wheels: In winter, you do not have to forego the sporty appearance of light alloy rims. Light alloy rims have numerous advantages in comparison to steel rims:

A better appearance, easier cleaning as well as an especially durable finish. All light alloy rims from Volkswagen Accessories are resistant against weathering, stone chipping and corrosion. The light alloy rims are subjected to numerous, comprehensive quality tests in order to guarantee these characteristics.

The brilliant silver winter complete wheel "Sima" for the new Polo is a highlight in this year’s product range. The "Semperit Speed Grip” premium tyres and the low-maintenance five spoke design of the snow chain compatible complete wheel ensure a safe, yet sporty and dynamic journey through the winter.

“Sima” is also available for other Volkswagen models in sizes from 14 to 17 inches.

Tiguan drivers can counter the adverse winter road conditions with the sporty winter complete wheel "Davenport". Five dual spokes with a shining milled surface lend the wheel a larger appearance and give the vehicle an even more dynamic look. The 18 inch rims with Pirelli W210 Sottozero tyres provide optimal grip in snow and on icy roads.

All of the winter complete wheels from Volkswagen Accessories perfectly match the Volkswagen models and are delivered completely assembled and balanced.

The 2009/2010 winter complete wheel range is available exclusively from all Volkswagen partners. The catalogue for the winter complete wheels from Volkswagen Accessories contains additional information and prices and can be downloaded at: