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1993 - 1995 Mazda RX-7 Pre-Owned

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Khatir Soltani

Staying True to Sound Principles

It's hard to believe that a niche sports car that ran for only three years has become such a cult favorite among sports car

Although it was only produced for three years, the RX-7 has garnered cult like status amongst enthusiasts and tuners. (Photo: Mazda Canada)
enthusiasts and import tuners, but nevertheless the last generation RX-7 is a rare and revered commodity.

Of course, the RX-7 model ran for a great deal longer than three years in total, with the first generation becoming available on North American soil in 1978 as a 1979 model. I remember first catching sight of an early example and being impressed. It looked similar to the Porsche 924 introduced a couple of years earlier, but smaller, lither and even more attractive.

That's why I fell head over heals for the third generation 1993 RX-7 when it debuted in 1992. It reminded me of Mazda's first

I fell head over heals for the third generation 1993 RX-7 when it debuted in 1992. (Photo: Mazda Canada)
rotary 2-seater, its simple, curvaceous lines still appearing sultry by today's standards.

Inside it is tight, with some taller drivers complaining about headroom, but such is never a problem for my 5-foot 8-inch frame. The cockpit actually lives up the name cockpit, making its driver feel like a fighter ace strapped into a road warrior's ultimate weapon. More realistically driver and passenger would be strapped into two ergonomically designed bucket seats, ideally positioned for easy grasp of the race inspired, leather-clad steering wheel that frames nice, simple and large white-on-black, chrome-rimmed gauges. At the base of the center stack is a purposefully short throw shifter that clicks from first gear to fifth with exacting precision.

Khatir Soltani
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