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2001 Chrysler 300M Road Trip

2001 Chrysler 300M - Off to Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island lies about three hours on the slow boat and approximately a single hour on the direct ferry, between the Vancouver lower mainland and Vancouver Island. There isn't much there, which is precisely the reason for going.

Ganges is the major 'urban' center, with all the conveniences necessary to give locals no reason to leave the island. The other towns are Fulford Harbour and Vesuvius - both quaint picturesque villages with little more than their own General Store, Hotel, Pub and craft store.

The remainder of the island is made up of deep green rain forest and granite rock formations leading to small sandy patches of beach. Beautiful 'West Coast' cedar homes, with vaulted ceilings and walls of windows overlooking magnificent ocean panoramas are scattered along twisting island roads, their properties falling off towards the water, where a boat is often tied up to a long wooden dock. These are the homes of the many wealthy inhabitants of this unusual community.

Unusual because of how well they get along with their contrasting island neighbors, who of little means are often living in a run down, moss covered hovels, with an uninsured rust infested Subaru wagon parked in their dirt driveways. The occupants will most likely be dreadlocked hippies, content in their beautiful surroundings. Either end of the economy scale seems to accept the other - with little or no animosity between them.

The strange relationship has the 'Haves' transporting the hitchhiking 'Havenots' in their Land Rovers and Jeep Cherokees, all over the island. Such a harmonious coexistence between such diametrically opposed subcultures is odd indeed.