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2004 Honda Civic Si Sedan Road Test

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Take the Long Way Home

I was having one of those nights when I was so tired that all I wanted to do was get home, get in the bath, and then get into bed. It was late and I had had a long and uneventful day at school and work. All I could

Although tired from a long day of work and school, I couldn't resist taking the long way home in the Honda Civic Si. (Photo: Alexandra Straub, Canadian Auto Press)
think about as I turned onto the last off-ramp before getting home was how good it would feel to go to sleep. Can you relate?

As I hit the second to last traffic light before my house, one of my favorite "mellow" songs came on. What is it about a great song anyway? For some unexplained reason I suddenly felt the urge to take the long way home. I looked up at the thinly cloud-covered moon that shone brightly overhead and pondered, "What am I thinking?" The roads were lifeless, probably because most people were in their beds cozying up with their comforters.

It was just me, a great song, a great car, and a green arrow directing me down the long route. Not a lot of things could

All buttons and gauges in the Civic Si are immediately recognizable, making the initial experience very welcoming. (Photo: Alexandra Straub, Canadian Auto Press)
persuade me from the calls of a beckoning bed but I was in a new Civic Si sedan, so down the long sinuous stretch of roadway I went. It borders the ocean, the perfect backdrop to the perfect song. It was a memorable drive that inevitably led me to an oh-so-peaceful sleep.

I'm still not entirely sure why I didn't just go straight home, but whatever the reason I took pleasure in the Civic's exceptionally smooth ride, relaxing seats, and high quality 4-speaker AM/FM/CD audio system.

One of the Civic's strong points is its intuitive cabin layout. All buttons and gauges are immediately recognizable, making the initial experience very welcoming. For me, that's a plus.