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2007 Acura TL Type-S Road Test

Honda's four-door S2000 puts on quite a show Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Honda's four-door S2000 puts on quite a show

The other night, I found myself playing one of the latest new video game consoles called the Wii, from Nintendo. It's the same basic idea as an Xbox or Playstation, though it favors a set of motion-sensitive handsets as opposed to more traditional controllers seen on other systems.

The Acura TL Type-S is as fast as it looks.

Their purpose is to get people involved- and rather than simply sitting back, players must get off the couch and take part, physically, in the experience.

It's amusing to see grown men enacting baseball, bowling or golf in the living room. Hugely unique, competitive and entertaining fun results, and it's far more interesting that sitting down and being spoon-fed thrills, that for sure.

The following morning I was to start a week of testing Acura's TL Type-S luxury sport sedan. It's an in-house tuned model that sees the original elevated in terms of its performance, visual presence and overall character. Within 2 minutes of slipping behind the wheel I'd realized why I was going to enjoy the Type-S - and it was for the same reason I'd been up until 3 am the night before playing Wii.

Involving Performance
Many of the TL Type-S's ringmates coddle their drivers, isolating them on a cloud of air and whisking them along without offering much, if any, feel for the road or the experience.
But the test car had super-sensitive steering, rock solid suspension and razor-sharp front-end feel. It's truly a car that begs to be driven, not merely occupied- and it's got reflexes like Jackie Chan after chugging a case of Red Bull.

It's wonderfully more involving than other couch-potato luxury performance cars that feel like traveling along in a great big lazy boy chair.

This is a Honda Engine?
Between the front wheels sits a 3.5 litre V6 engine with 286 horsepower. It's got plenty of low-end torque and mid-range thrust that blends seamlessly with the higher RPM surge courtesy of the VTEC system.

Quad tailpipes and unique alloy wheels distinguish the Type-S from the other TLs.