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2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Track Test

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Ferrari has a story – and what a story it is – that will be told over and over again for decades and centuries to come. Much like you, as a car-friend I've read bits and pieces of Enzo's life and legacy, and have always been fascinated by how he reluctantly ended up making and selling cars in order to support his Scuderia Ferrari. Now, 64 years later, his name is associated with some of the outright best cars in the world.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia rear 3/4 view
This car is all go, but happens to show quite well, too. (Photo: Sébastien D'Amour/

The Ferrari has always held a special spot in my heart, but if you know me, you are aware that my heart is huge and can hold quite a bit. I've always been partial to Porsche because of the performance, aura and near attainability. Having driven quite a few Porsches on a track, I can properly appreciate the technological efforts put forth to make their cars as good as they are on the road and the track.

However, this is my first Ferrari.

Admittedly, I've never had the opportunity to drive a Ferrari, and honestly I thought that that day would come only at a much later date. But then, one morning, I got a PM on Facebook from Mr. Letourneau and the distant future became the very near future. Thanks to the Supercar Challenge, I got to rip the 458 Italia around the Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

First, a little about me, then more on the car. I've never been a big fan of F1 or car racing in general unless the series was based on production saloons or consisted of cars going sideways between trees at enormous rates of speed. Myself behind the wheel of nearly any car on a track: now that, I'm a huge partisan of.

And on the subject of Ferrari, as I've stated, I've loved them forever, but have always thought of them to be for show more than go. Realistically, the number of Ferrari owners who actually track their cars cannot be that great (please correct me if I'm wrong). The same goes for Lamborghinis – and I'll have more on a Gallardo Spyder shortly. There may have been a disconnect here before, but now it is very much gone.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia right side view
Thanks to the Supercar Challenge, I got to rip the 458 Italia around the Circuit Mont-Tremblant. (Photo: Sébastien D'Amour/