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2011 Lexus RX 350 Review

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Mathieu St-Pierre
The getaway car
These are stressful times. Severely taxing even. If cancer rates, gas prices and unrest in many parts of the world weren't enough, according to some scriptures, we just made it through the “End of the world” at the end of last May. Let's not start on December 2012...

If you're looking for a little slice of heavenly peace on four wheels, the RX will fit the bill. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

An unfortunate by-product of that are people who are increasingly looking out for themselves. In a way, it helps to maintain a certain level of sanity when we attempt to shield ourselves from the outside world.

One of the most important of escapes is when we set foot in our cars. We feel safe, secure and empowered. As an extension of our person, our cars also say a lot about who we are.

Luxury brands have been playing the identity card for a number of years and have proven so successful that “lesser” brands are following suit. One such high-end make is Lexus, and it masterfully galloped into the luxury brand stable as an intelligent, elegant alternative to the establishment. In some twenty years, Lexus has held on to that aura, principally thanks to vehicles such as the RX.

Now in its third generation, the current RX has not deviated from its roots as a true mid-size luxury CUV. Unlike the BMW X5 which has grown exponentially, the RX remains a comfortable, manageable size.

And that is a large part of its appeal. Its non-gargantuan dimensions, crisp lines and distinctive front fascia are almost refreshing in a segment where being armagonnacomeandgetya-looking has become a designer’s primary goal. Not so with Lexus, although their newer products such as the CT 200h is coping some attitude.

The right proportions outside translate into properly-sized living space on the inside. Four occupants are regally catered to, whereas five, where three would seat in the rear, may consider their neighbours more of a royal pain.

The right proportions outside translate into properly-sized living space on the inside. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/
Mathieu St-Pierre
Mathieu St-Pierre
Automotive expert