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2012 Volvo S60 T5 Level II Review

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Michel Deslauriers
Naughty? Really?
For some reason, these troubled economic times aren’t preventing luxury automobile makers from selling all the cars and trucks they can build. It’s an uphill battle for Volvo, however, who aren’t enjoying the success that BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are flaunting right now.

Pictures don’t do this car justice. It is simply beautiful. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/

Blame it on the brand’s recent ownership changes and aging product line-up. Once Ford was through adopting all their safety technology and platforms, they dumped Volvo to Chinese manufacturer Geely. And when you look at models such as the S40/V50 and XC90, which haven’t changed for years, you realize that the Swedish brand has a lot of work to do.

Still, if the S60 is any indication of things to come, then the future looks bright for Volvo.

Pictures don’t do this car justice. Its mix of curved sheetmetal and meticulous detailing make this sedan look fabulous. There is something special about the S60’s presence alongside other vehicles, and the Volvo draws a lot of attention, both on the road and parked in front of’s office.

The redesigned S60 was introduced for the 2011 model year with one drivetrain, which consisted in a 300-horsepower, turbo inline-6 and all-wheel drive. For 2012, Volvo has added another variation, which is the one we’re testing this week. Equipped with a turbo 2.5-litre, 5-cylinder mill, the front-drive T5 benefits from 250 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. It also adopts the T6’s 6-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.

Ok, the T6 might be quicker, but the T5 is no slouch either. Our 0-100 km/h time of 6.6 seconds is actually nothing to be ashamed of. In this application, there’s no power rush, no turbo whine, just a smooth, linear delivery of horsepower.

For 2012, the S60 adds a 250-horsepower, turbo 5-cylinder engine. (Photo: Matthieu Lambert/
Michel Deslauriers
Michel Deslauriers
Automotive expert