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12 Chevrolet pickups that have marked history

The 2019 Silverado arrives with a long, rich history behind it Automotive expert , Updated:

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado arrives on the market as the latest chapter in the long and rich history of the Chevrolet pickup truck. The new edition is, unsurprisingly, the most advanced yet and offers functionalities that would have been inconceivable on a truck of this type even 20 years ago.

Just imagine if those who bought the first Chevy trucks over 100 years ago could see what this one today is like. Or even better, take the wheel!

Yours truly, who was obviously not present to witness the beginnings of the iconic brand in the 1910s, did get to test out the 2019 Silverado during a memorable trek through part of the Northwest Territories.

To mark that occasion, what better that to take a look back and explore just how the Chevrolet Silverado came to be, some 20 years ago?

1. 1927 Chevrolet

The very first Chevrolet pickup truck was born in 1918. Forget the backup camera, forget the tow assistant and the different drive modes. An engine, a bench, a roof and a cargo box: that’s all the entrepreneur of that era needed. In 1927, the model was still relatively unchanged; automotive pioneers of the day were still working on the automobile’s basics.

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