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1998 - 2002 Lincoln Town Car Pre-Owned

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Khatir Soltani

Be Your Own Chauffeur

Nine times out of ten, when I get picked up at the airport by an auto manufacturer on my way to a press event the

The majority of limousines seen at airports are Lincoln Town Cars, so why do they have such uncomfortable back seats? (Photo: Trevor Hofmann, Canadian Auto Press)
vehicle of choice is a Lincoln Town Car, or a limousine derivative. Next to Ford Crown Victorias in taxi cab regalia, Town Cars outnumber everything else within eyesight.

So why do they have such uncomfortable back seats? It's true, ask any limo driver and they'll tell you about the complaints they get. I talk to most of them about it when I'm enduring the cushy sofa-like rear bench seat, wishing that someone had sent over a Freestar or Chrysler Town & Country minivan instead. At least these would feature seats with decent lumbar

While the seats might not be comfortable, there are numerous reasons why the Town Car is America's most popular limousine. (Photo: Ford Motor Company of Canada)
support, something the Town Car offers little to none. The front seats aren't much better, mind you, as every chauffeur I've met either sits on a custom bucket or an ergonomically designed seat pad. Then again, if your spine happens to curve rearward in a semicircle a Town Car might be ideal.

But enough about poor seats in America's most popular limousine, there's got to be another reason, or reasons why every limo company in North America buys a fleet of them for airport runs alone. It might have something to do with its classy styling, leather-clad interior or rear seat legroom, but my guess is it is these attributes and more, including one of the world's largest trunks, pushrod V8 power, simple 4-speed automatic transmission, rear-drive layout, and body-on-frame construction.

Khatir Soltani
Khatir Soltani
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