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2000-2005 Hyundai Accent Pre-Owned

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Justin Pritchard
Cheeky and cheap- but get the manual
Cheeky and cheap- but get the manual

The ice caps are melting, there's no oil left in the ground, and you need a good cheap car that's not going to drink all of your money. Something decently made, reliable and economical would be ideal- though the Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas are a bit bigger and more expensive than you're after.

Of course, there's Hyundai- the Korean manufacturer who built a reputation off of small, affordable and economical cars. After the Pony faded from common motoring memory, it stopped being quite so embarrassing to own something made by the brand. And look at them now.

Accent came from an era where Hyundai was still working on bolstering their reputation in North America- and car companies in this sort of circumstance tend to do an extra-good job on their vehicles. The Accent was something of an international success story, and was sold and marketed around the world under various names by various companies.

For the Canadian market, the second-generation car offered shoppers a hatchback in 3 or 5 doors, or a sedan model. This generation ran from 2000 to 2005, though a makeover took place for 2003 and brought a smarter and sportier style to the lineup. If you're after an energetic and youthful little car that can match any need that little cars match, you'll probably find an Accent that's just right.

There's even a GSi-designated model that's got side-skirts, a spoiler and a sunroof to dress it up. Owners can customize their machine with aftermarket accessories like bike racks, cargo-organizers or even performance parts, depending on their intended use for the car.

Fuel consumption, regardless of the job, will be no issue. It isn't the best in its class, but all Accents come with tiny four-cylinder engines in 1.5 or 1.6 litres displacement. Depending on the year of your model, they top out with just over 100 horsepower- so their thirst for fuel is minimal.

It's a light and zippy little car though, as the engine doesn't have a relatively large amount of weight to pull around. Owners like the sporty driving feel of their Accents.

Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert