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2003 Aston Martin DB7 GT Overview

Shaken, Stirred and Satisfying

Why do we drive what we drive anyway? I mean, other than those of us who purely made a means-based decision (i.e. best junker under a thousand), what causes us to choose the vehicle or vehicles in our garages?

It may not be the quickest from 0 to 100 km/h, have the fastest top speed, handle the best or even be the cheapest, but the Aston Martin DB7 GT is still able to win over the wealthy. (Photo: Ford Motor Company)

Did you choose yours because its horsepower rating was the highest in its specific category? Probably not. What about road holding? Was yours the best in its class? Most likely this wasn't the deciding factor either. Like most intelligent people you probably committed to your specific brand and model because it met the majority of your needs while balancing as many of your wants as was possible, given your restrictive budget. Do you think this scenario magically changes if you take the budgetary restraints out of the picture?

In true British tradition, it's not only how fast you get there but how you arrive, and the Aston Martin DB7 GT is all about class and refinement. (Photo: Ford Motor Company)

The Aston Martin DB7 Vantage isn't the quickest to 100 km/h, nor has it the fastest top speed. There are other exotics that will turn circles around it and many more that can out-brake the British model. What's more, the majority of these alternative supercars are less expensive. So why does a wealthy person buy a DB7 anyway?

In true British tradition, it's not only how fast you get there but how you arrive. Aston Martin is all about class and refinement. Aromatic hides envelope all occupants while gorgeous woodwork stimulates the optic nerves. Even the gauges and switchgear are jewel-like. But as sumptuous as an Aston Martin interior is, it's hardly all about luxury. An ample dose of speed is part of the package of course.