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2004 Audi A6 2.7T S-Line quattro

Counting by Twos: 2 Turbos, 4-Wheel Drive, 6 Cylinders

It was a dark, stormy night; I've always wanted to start a story with that line. Although it wasn't dark, the remaining

Even after a long and stressful day, I looked forward to picking up the white Audi A6 that was waiting for me. (Photo: Rob Rothwell, Canadian Auto Press)
elements in the overused script legitimately applied to my late afternoon pickup of the bi-turbo Audi A6 quattro. Several unavoidable meetings had delayed my arrival at the German automaker's regional office, but I knew as I pulled into lot where the white A6 lay waiting it would be worth the wait.

With slightly frayed nerves and the onset of afternoon fatigue taxing my mind I picked up the key and made my way to the back corner of the lot. After unlocking the door I slid my aching body into the well proportioned driver's seat, and with a solid thunk the driver's door banished the outside world and all of its aggravation from my consciousness.

After settling into the driver's seat, I found myself immersed in what can only be described as automotive utopia. (Photo: Rob Rothwell, Canadian Auto Press)

Surrounded by muted earth tones and supple leather, rich woods and exquisitely finished aluminum accents, I found myself immersed in what can only be described as automotive utopia. I heard the A6 was good, and had already looked up its fairly steep $74K (US $48K) asking price, but now at least I understood why the German brand's version of pure, unadulterated four-door bliss doesn't come cheap.

Despite being on the verge of replacement, the 2004 A6 has evolved into one of the finest luxury sport-touring sedans set upon four wheels - all four of which are capable of connecting the 2.7T's twin-turbocharged 265 horsepower to the road.