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2004 Lincoln Mark X Concept Roadster

The Style of Future Lincolns in a Sweet Teaser

One look at the Mark X two-seat concept roadster and it's easy to tell that it's based off of the Ford Thunderbird, but with advanced "Lincolnesque" elements.

Based off the Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln's new Mark X two-seat concept roadster features decidedly more advanced elements. (Photo: Ford Motor Company of Canada)

The Mark X (meant to refer to the Roman numeral for 10 by the way) features a polished aluminum egg-crate grille, a rippling pattern of vertical and horizontal chrome trim that will appear on future Lincolns, Mays said.

"Move your eye across the elegant body side, which is drenched in beautiful Atlantic Pearl paint, and you'll notice the Mark X profile is accented by a chrome finisher on its upper shoulder line as well as the polished aluminum door handles that are flush mounted to the doors," Mays said. "In the rear, the Mark X features a clean boat tail fascia. Wide led lamps accent the Lincoln star and dual exhausts are cut neatly under the Mark X's sloping tail lamps."

The concept features a slick two-piece powered glass folding roof, which folds away with the push of a button without compromising trunk space. (Photo: Ford Motor Company of Canada)

For those times when you don't want an open-air roadster, the push of a button will deploy the concept's two-piece powered glass folding roof. The rear section of the roof comes out of its storage compartment as the rear decklid opens, then the side windows drop slightly before the entire hardtop swings into place in 30 seconds. It's a different operation than the T-bird's fabric soft-top and optional one-piece hardtop roof, which doesn't compromise the car's expansive 425 liters (15 cubic feet) of trunk space.

The Mark X is just a concept, though, O'Connor said. "There are cues there that we want to see what people think about them."