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2005 Maserati Quattroporte Overview

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Khatir Soltani

Big, Bold and Beautiful

To most people, the name Maserati might only be recognizable because of rocker Joe Walsh's reference of the brand in his

After a number of owners over the years, Fiat has recently purchased Maserati back from Ferrari. (Photo: Maserati)
song, "Life's Been Good." Yet back when Lamborghini was still making tractors, Maserati was a fierce rival to Ferrari on the race track and in dealer showrooms.

Since then the legendary Italian sports car marque has gone through a host of owners, including French automaker Citroen, charismatic Italian Alessandro de Tomaso, also renowned for his Ford-powered Pantera supercar, among others, Italian conglomerate Fiat Auto and up until last month, once-competitor Ferrari. In a surprise action, Fiat recently purchased Maserati back from Ferrari, in hopes to align its continued development with the Alfa Romeo brand. Does it

The first Maserati designed by Pininfarina since the '60s, the Quattroporte is breathtaking. (Photo: Maserati)
make sense? That's open for debate, but the move will no doubt, in time, affect the cars Maserati has to offer.

Currently, the marques newest entry is its best ever four-door, or Quattroporte. The first Maserati designed by Pininfarina since the '60s, a corrozzeria made famous for shaping exquisitely beautiful Ferraris, the Quattroporte is breathtaking. Its lines exude a rare grace unlike anything from its European rivals. Immediately noticeable is its classic Maserati chrome trimmed grille protruding slightly outward, dipping in a 'V' shape at center top position just below the brand's blue and red badge. The headlamps, subtly understated, sweep back at an aerodynamic angle.

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