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2010 Geneva Autoshow: Bentley goes green, well, almost...

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It is doubtfull that if you purchase a twin-turbocharged 6.0L 12-cylinder 552+ hp car that the environement is the first thing on your mind. As of the 2011 model-year, you won't have to worry about it as all Contis will offered with FlexFuel technology. Only problem is, in Canada, where will you find your E85 bioethanol? Should you decide to drive around looking for a pump, you'll surely burn whatever advantage this may bring...

As reported by Bentley
Bentley Motors today announced that its FlexFuel technology, pioneered on the Continental Supersports Coupe in 2009, now extends across the complete 2011 Continental range, including the new Supersports Convertible. The W12 6-litre power unit now has the technology to run on petrol, E85 bioethanol or any mix of these two fuels – all from a single tank.

Bentley announced its environmental strategy at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008. The three-fold strategy committed the Company to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 15% by 2012; to introduce a new powertrain which will, by itself, deliver a 40% saving in fuel economy; and a commitment that the entire model range would be compatible with renewable fuels, also by 2012.

Geneva 2010 marks another significant step forward. From 2011 Model Year, (available June 2010), the entire Continental range will be FlexFuel in all markets – including, for the first time, North American. This includes the new Supersports Convertible – the fastest 4 seat production convertible ever. With this development, over half of Bentley’s production volume in 2010 will be FlexFuel compatible. This advance will ensure Bentley customers can take advantage of the recent expansion of renewable fuel infrastructure in key markets including the US and thus help reduce dependency on fossil fuels and give immediate benefits in terms of CO2 emissions.

Bentley Chairman & CEO, Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, said: “When we launched our environmental strategy in Geneva two years ago, it was a clear pledge to reduce the impact of our cars on the environment. This latest development is proof of our commitment and is a significant step towards the achievement of our 2012 targets.”

Bentley remains on track to deliver all of its environmental strategy targets. The 6.75 litre V8 engine, completely re-engineered for the new Mulsanne, delivers a 15 per cent reduction inCO2 emissions as well as improved power and torque, through the introduction of two new control systems; cam phasing and, a first for the ultra-luxury sector, cylinder deactivation. This reduction in emissions will be matched across the range by 2012. In addition, the development of the all-new powertrain which will deliver a 40% improvement in fuel economy with the performance expected of a true Bentley is progressing well with an announcement expected within the year.