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2013 all-season truck tire evaluation returns with its annual all-season tire evaluation and rankings, which will help you make the best selection for your pickup truck, sport utility vehicle (SUV) or crossover utility vehicle (CUV). All the main tire models available in Canada in 2013 have been considered.

Once again, the team at relied on multiple sources of information such as consumer reviews from various North American websites and message boards, customer feedback, road tests, auto writer columns and literature provided by tire manufacturers.

These evaluations were conducted mainly to help you select the all-season tires that best fit your driving needs. Obviously, the rating system may differ from one tester to the next since everyone has their own personal expectations and driving habits.

You'll also notice that the gap between models is often small. That's mostly because the technology used by tire companies in the design and manufacturing process is similar. Therefore, it's difficult to rank one particular model above or below another while staying impartial.

We tried to include tire models from a wide price range and various quality levels since every customer has a specific budget and plans to use the tires for a specific period of time.

Here are our all-season truck tire reviews and rankings for 2013:
  1. Top 5 all-season tires for trucks, SUVs and CUVs in 2013
  2. Top 5 performance all-season tires for trucks, SUVs and CUVs in 2013

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