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2015 Aston Martin DB9 Preview

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Pros: You get to tell people your last name first when you drive this one. Oh, and it’s got a new engine. And you get to tell people you drive the “New DB9.” 

Cons: Well, it’s a little bit on the price-y side. Then again, if you’re Bond, you don’t care much for dollar signs or how many there are. Also, it’s not the most powerful Aston in the lineup, just in case you wanted to be able to brag about that. 

2015 Aston Martin DB9 Price and Fuel Economy: With pricing starting over the $200k mark, it’s rather useless to get into specifics there. With customization akin to that of a fully bespoke three-piece suit, your 2015 Aston Martin DB9 could be as unique as you are (at a price). As for fuel efficiency numbers, again, if you’re in the market for a DB9 fuel saving is hardly on your list of things to consider. However, if you’d like to know, the numbers are as follows: approximately 16L/100km. 

Improvements and Changes: Aston made the most changes to it’s 2014 model with 70% new body panels and the most exciting part: the all-new AM11 engine. However, for 2015, the sweet, sweet song of the V12 remains the same. 

Powertrain: As mentioned aboved, the 6.0L V12 that churns out 510 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque remains the same. The only available transmission is a 6-speed “Touchtronic 2” limited-slip differential gear box. The DB9 will hit 100km from a standstill in just 4.6 seconds. 

Cargo capacity: Well, this is supposed to be a 2+2 for starters, but we wouldn’t recommend storing anything but a purse or small bag in the rear seats. And as for trunk space, well, Aston’s got you covered for golfing, but not much else. 

Safety: All types of safety features from airbags to high-tech exterior sensors and warnings are available with the 2015 Aston Martin DB9. 

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