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2016 MIAS: 2016 Ford Focus RS

Photo: Olivier Delorme
The teasing is over Automotive expert , Updated:

This is another car that, like the Golf R and Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon has eluded the Canadian market for far too long! 

No more I say! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give the MK3 Ford Focus RS! I tell you, my friends, this car sports all the proper ingredients to make a grown car and performance driving enthusiast cry. 

This car’s got all the goods but I do hope that the peeps at Ford Performance have listened closely to Mr. Block as I’m sure he would not stand for the way the Focus ST behaves. 

I got the opportunity to speak to Marc S. Vejgman, Car Product Manager at Ford of Canada about the new RS. 

We hope to have a review online for you in the near future. 


2016 Ford Focus RS
Photo: S.D'Amour and Ford