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Ford Working on 400-hp Focus RS for 2020

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Its legion of loyal fans will love to be hearing the number 400. The current version of the Ford Focus RS delivers 350 hp via its 2.3L 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Though it will be discontinued at the end of this year, reports are that the automaker is already working on a new generation of the performance model, which will get a boost in power to 400 horses and improved torque. Target date is 2020.

The launch of an eventual new RS model is largely dependent on the next-generation Focus, which will be introduced in an online event next week, on April 10. British magazine Autocar is reporting that the new RS will feature the same engine as the current edition, but with increased output of 370 hp. This bloc is the same one used in the current Heritage version of the Focus RS, sold exclusively in the UK.

Ford Focus RS Heritage 2018
Photo: Ford
Ford Focus RS Heritage 2018

To get to the 400 number, Ford intends to add a starter-alternator fed by a 48-volt electrical system. This will provide the car with added torque while reducing fuel consumption and polluting emissions. According to Autocar, the next Focus RS will be able to accelerate from a stop to 100 km/h in a mere 4.2 seconds.

To help keep the vehicle glued to the road, all-wheel drive will be a central element of the car’s configuration. Ford also plans to include, for the first time in an RS, a dual-clutch automatic transmission. This decision was likely taken at least in part to grow the hatchback variant’s popularity in China and in the United States. Purists need not worry, though: a 6-speed manual will still be offered.

Once the new Focus makes its debut, we should start to learn more about the new RS version to come further down the road.

One thing’s for sure, it should deliver quite a ride!