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All 2017 Ford models to offer SYNC 3, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto

Ford today announced that all of its 2017 models in the U.S. will be available with SYNC 3 featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. 

Expect the same thing to be offered in Canada, too.

No matter which Ford car, truck, SUV or electrified vehicle you purchase in the future, over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi will also help ensure it keeps up with the latest technology.

“SYNC 3 is already a major leap forward in terms of functionality, simplicity, and user experience – Ford’s promise that every new model now ships ‘Smartphone-ready’ is huge,” said Jeffrey Hannah, Director of North America for global automotive technology research firm SBD. “Ford is not taking the traditional approach of introducing Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto on a few piecemeal models or as an expensive option on luxury vehicles only.”

SYNC 3 features all-new hardware and software for faster and more intuitive performance and more conversational voice recognition to help people easily connect to their smartphone and access a variety of features, including hands-free phone calls and available navigation.