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Los Angeles 2017: Three Startups to Remember

The 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show’s AutoMobility LA event kicked off with the Top Ten Automotive Startups competition. Actually, today was the crowning of the three best in front of 25,000 media and industry professionals.

They were recognized as standout startups for their innovative and unique approaches to solving current and future mobility challenges. And they’re names you will be hearing a lot about in years to come.

GhostWave, headquartered in Ohio, is on a mission to revolutionize radar technology. The company provides Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) radar units with two strategic technologies, the first being immunity from mutual interference, which supports Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and collision avoidance. The second is a vehicle obstacle warning radar that discriminates between high- and low-priority objects, such as animals, pedestrians and potholes.

Innoviz Technologies, based in Israel, develops cutting-edge LiDAR remote sensing solutions to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. LiDAR is important for autonomous systems as it allows for accurate plotting of the vehicle's position relative to other objects. Innoviz was chosen for its technology's ability to deliver superior performance at an affordable cost and at the necessary size for mass market adoption.

Finally, Swiss company WayRay is a developer of holographic augmented-reality technologies for advanced connected cars. Its system revolutionizes the way people access information in their vehicles, utilizing the windshield as the most natural medium for delivering content with augmented reality technologies.

"GhostWave, Innoviz Technologies and WayRay have each developed technologies that we believe will make a significant impact on the future of mobility. The complexity of the autonomous vehicle is only going to increase as we move to a new era of mobility, and we believe that any of these startups are well positioned to succeed and have an impact on transportation."

- Manuela Papadopol, co-founder of Sansea Consulting and AutoMobility LA Advisory Board member

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