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2018 Full-Size Sedan of the Year: Maxima, Avalon or 300? will be crowning winners of the 2018 Awards for best vehicles of the year on November 22 in Toronto. We’ve already unveiled the three finalists in each of the 17 categories; today we look in more detail at the Full-Size Sedan of the Year finalists.

Nissan Maxima
The largest car sold by Nissan in North America presents some alluring dynamic qualities. Its exterior design hints at its ability to deliver strong performance, while the finish of the interior confirms that the automaker did not skimp on its budget for the new Maxima. There’s little doubt you’ll appreciate its comfort levels and the quiet ride it delivers. The Maxima is powered by a latest-generation 3.5L V6. Some versions come with specially calibrated suspensions for increased sportiness as well as leather seats (and steering wheel); there’s a also wide range of advanced available safety systems. More details on the Maxima.

Photo: Nissan

Toyota Avalon
Toyota is renowned around the world for the reliability and durability of the vehicles it builds, and the Avalon lives up to that reputation! This year, you can count as well on benefiting from a quieter ride and improved comfort. Its design may not vary much from recent editions of the model, but the car does nonetheless emit an aura of luxury. You’ll enjoy the soft, comfortable seats and the vast interior. The Avalon runs on a 3.5L V6 working in tandem with a 6-speed automatic transmission. More details on the Avalon.

Photo: Toyota

Chrysler 300
The notable changes to the Chrysler 300 for the 2018 model-year involve the addition of the next-generation Uconnect 8.4 system, the disappearance of the 300S Ally edition, a more complete 300C version and a change in the choice of available colour schemes. Unfortunately there will be no new engine this year; the 300 still runs on the same 3.6L Pentastar V6 or the 5.7L HEMI V8. The look of the 300 is as seductive as ever; the car represents well the evolution of the classic big American sedan. The electronic systems it harbours are efficient, the comfort level is high and, best of all, its price is very reasonable. More details on the 300.

Photo: FCA