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2018 Chevrolet Equinox Inspired by Fashion and Social Media

The next-generation 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is among the most impressive current entries in the compact SUV segment. We’ve reported previously on the improved design and construction of the vehicle, notably as it relates to its aerodynamics. But what about the interior?

The engineers at Chevrolet made their mission to make the cabin a more comfortable, cool and trendy place, that made daily life easier for its occupants. During the development process, they followed a large number of actual users of Instagram and other social media, including designers and lifestyle experts but also average consumers, to learn more about the most compelling trends in the use of colours and materials. They also looked at the problems that most commonly surfaced for people in daily life, such as dark jeans that stained light-coloured car upholstery, for example.

“Many fashion trends disappear after a year of two, while the Equinox is designed for the long haul, making the durability of its materials very important. By following real people and absorbing the little things in life that help or hinder them — such as photos posted of muddy paws, spilled drinks or stains on the seats — we learned more about how we could make the new Equinox easier to live with and enjoy every day.”

- Mara Kapsis, colour and trim designer for the 2018 Equinox

And so the denim-style material covering the seats of the new Equinox is durable and easy to clean, while in appearance it takes inspiration from modern trends in apparel. For its part, the available leather upholstery benefits from a new treatment that makes it more resistant to wear and discoloration, according to Chevrolet.

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