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Ford F-150 vs Chevrolet Silverado: The War Continues

Much like football fans, truck owners are a passionate and loyal bunch, loath to even consider changing brands.

While Ford continues its decades-long domination of the market with its F-Series trucks, Ram is trying valiantly to close the gap via its offering of powerful yet fuel-efficient trucks; behind them, Chevrolet and GM round out the sales podium with vehicles that have their own unique strengths.

With the launch of the new 2018 Ford F-150 (click on the link to read our first-drive review), the Blue Oval shows why the F-150 is the official truck of NFL in a new ad. Its message is clear: if you’re the quarterback, the F-150 is your offensive line – tough, powerful and smart.

Another ad makes the bold statement that the Ford F-150 doesn’t raise the bar, because it IS the bar:

For its part, Chevrolet vaunts the merits of its 2017 Silverado 1500 by reiterating once more that the truck’s high-strength steel cargo bed is better able to resist damage and punctures than the aluminum ones found in competing trucks.

In another spot, Chevy reminds consumers that it is the only brand to receive awards from J.D. Power for dependability in both of the past two years, for its cars as well as its SUVs and trucks.