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Top 10 Pickup Trucks in Canada in 2018

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Daniel Rufiange
The Big Three… and some other guys

There’s no way around it: the pickup segment is one of the healthiest in the industry, seemingly immune to the charge of the SUVs in recent years. For many, these trucks’ practicality makes them indispensable work tools. For many more, however, they have come to represent a way of life. Their utility and versatility make them an irresistible choice.

On top of which, if we’re being honest, we have to acknowledge that pickups have become veritable luxury vehicles. Just take one look at a King Ranch version of Ford’s F-150, or a Longhorn truck from RAM, and it’s clear that the manufacturers are prepared to go to extreme to win over consumers.

They do this because it’s profitable. Very profitable. And the result is an overload of quality products in this segment. Each manufacturer does what it can to keep their clients in-house, and not give them any reason to look elsewhere.

Here then is our ranking of the Top 10 pickup trucks in Canada in 2018, going from the least interesting to the most interesting choices. Scientific and totally unscientific, simultaneously…

10. Ford Ranger

We start our countdown with a vehicle that will be making a splashy return to the market in 2019. After an eight-year absence, the Ford Ranger is reborn, and it comes at a crucial time for Ford. The company has laid most of its eggs in the truck and SUV baskets, so it needs models in these categories, and it needs them to do well.

We expect this to be a smash success; anticipation is certainly high among pickup fans.

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Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger | Photo: Ford
Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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