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Ford Shows New Two-Door Ford Bronco to Dealerships

The report has spread quickly across the Internet: Ford has shown an early pre-production version of a two-door Bronco at a private event for Ford dealers. From the event we’ve now been able to learn a few more details about the upcoming SUV that revives the Bronco name.

The heart of the presentation focused on the two-door version of the new Bronco. We now know that this version will come with a removable roof; the doors themselves will also be removable and storable inside the vehicle’s cargo space. This comes courtesy of the investigative hounds at Automotive News who spoke with sources who were at the event.

Those sources also divulged that Ford is committed to retaining a retro design for the SUV, meaning it will be squarish just like the original Bronco that debuted in 1966. The response among dealers at the event was, we’re told, highly enthusiastic, with one attendee reportedly saying the concept version shown was “twice as cool” as expected.

Ford is planning a whole family of Bronco versions, including a four-door version, a pickup format and even a mini-version. This is the one that’s been dubbed the Baby Bronco in the automotive press for the past year.

Surprisingly, it appears this mini-Bronco will be the first to launch; it will be followed by the Bronco proper early next year.

Ford "Baby Bronco"
Photo: Ford
Ford "Baby Bronco"