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Mild Refresh, a Few Improvements for 2020 Mazda CX-9

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The 2020 Mazda CX-9 has not been comprehensively overhauled for the new year; what it does get is a mild refresh that includes changes to make it more attractive to the clientele Mazda is targeting for the SUV.

The most intriguing change involvers what’s under the hood, as torque has been increased by 10 lb-ft to reach 320. Power delivered by the 2.5L 4.cylinder turbo remains steady at 250 hp, attainable when using 93-octane gasoline. The use of lower octane gas results in maximum output dropping to 227 hp, while torque sits at 310 lb-ft.

As for the drivetrain, new this year we find a traction assist button in lieu of the traction control button. This means that on rough or snowy surfaces, when a wheel loses traction, the system will stop reducing torque from the engine and apply brakes to the wheels without traction. Power is thus sent to the wheels that are still in contact with the ground to help the vehicle regain full control. It’s a subtle change that, while welcome, won’t change much in the daily driving experience of most users.

Photo: Mazda

As we await details on the Canadian edition, we do know that the American base model gets new standard features, for instance rain-detecting wipers, heated side mirrors and automatic high beams. Most significantly, Mazda now throws in the i-Activesense suite of safety systems, which includes adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist, among other features. As well, the new key design introduced with the Mazda3 is now part of the product offering for the 2020 CX-9.

Higher up the product range, captain’s chairs are available for the second row. This could be a very attractive option for many buyers, especially those who prize comfort and luxury over benefiting from a maximum number of seats. The top-end CX-9 Signature will of course get heated seats.

Here are just-released details regarding pricing for Canada for the 2020 Mazda CX-9:

 CX-9 GS$39,900
 CX-9 GS-L$43,300
 CX-9 GS-L w/captain's chairs+$300
 CX-9 GT$48,500
 CX-9 GT w/captain's chairs+$300
 CX-9 Signature$51,500