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2020 Nissan Titan Getting Some Changes, Details Coming Next Week

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On September 26 next, Nissan will be making a product presentation on its YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms.  At which point well exactly what changes the company is making to its 2020 Nissan Titan truck.

To whet our appetites, the Japanese automaker released a short video giving us a taste of what to expect. What do we know for sure so far? The N-I-S-S-A-N letters in the centre of the company’s logo are now in red…

The changes certainly won’t end there, particularly since Nissan has work to do to hoist its model to a more respectable level within its category. Since the start of this year it has lagged far behind the rest in the segment. No one expects it to threaten the hegemony of the American Big Three automakers’ products, but that it finds itself behind the Toyota Tundra has to be disappointing for Nissan.

The full-size pickup market is undoubtedly the most difficult nut to crack for foreign automakers, and Nissan has been trying to crack it for years. Not that the product it has is bad, but it hasn’t been good enough to make a dent.

We’ll see if that changes on September 26. More details to come.