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2020 Toyota Corolla will come in a hybrid version

Toyota has confirmed that its new 12th-generation 2020 Corolla will be made in a hybrid version, and offered on the Canadian market.
The redesigned and revised new Corolla, the sedan version of which will get its official premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of the month, is built on the Japanese automaker’s new TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, and is powered by a new 2.0L Dynamic Force engine with an output of 169 hp working in conjunction with either a 6-speed manual or Direct-Shift CVT transmission.

Toyota rolled out the new Corolla Hatchback version earlier this year, and now it’s the turn of the sedan to take the spotlight. It will be sold in a regular combustion-engine version as well as the aforementioned hybrid iteration. The gasoline engine is the same as the one powering the hatchback version.

For the moment Toyota is withholding any and all details regarding the specifications and capacities of the Corolla Hybrid, other than confirming its arrival and issuing a single teaser image. However, we have a full photo gallery of the 2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan that you can check out right here.

2020 Toyota Corolla
Photo: Toyota
2020 Toyota Corolla

The new Corolla
We now know a lot more about the 12th generation of the Corolla, the best-selling car in history with some 45 million units sold to date.

Esthetically the new Corolla is in line with other models advanced by the brand and with the Corolla Hatchback, of course. Even as the new model transfers to the new TNGA platform, the wheelbase and overall dimensions stay the same. Toyota has put new seating in its compact sedan, in fact the Corolla is the last of the brand's models to get them. They've been well-received in other Toyotas.

Mechanically, two 4-cylinder engines are available. The base models will get a modified version of the 1.8L engine that served the Eco variant of the Corolla last year, while the higher trims get that aforementioned new 2.0L engine, alreay in place in the Hatchback. The 169 hp is accompanied by 151 lb-ft of torque, which should boost the driving dynamics of the four-door Corolla.

Two CVT transmissions are also on the menu for 2020. The L, LE and XLE versions et a traditional CVT, while the SE and XSE trims get the Htachback's CVT, which includes a fixed first gear to ensure better speed off the line.

The rear suspension has also been thoroughly revised and now is in a multi-link configuration.

The interior has been updated as well, pretty much in the image of the Hatchback we've already seen. All the tech and safety features you'd expect to find are included.

2020 Toyota Corolla
toyota corolla 2020
2020 Toyota Corolla
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Photos of the 2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan