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2020 Toyota Corolla: Pricing and details for Canada

2020 Toyota Corolla | Photo: Toyota
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Daniel Rufiange
The 2020 Corolla 2020 can be had nine different ways in all, including as a hybrid

The Toyota Corolla is getting a big overhaul for 2020, and as expected its maker is boosting the product offering. Toyota Canada has just provided full details on the different trims and pricing for Canadian consumers. A clear highlight is the arrival of a hybrid version for the first time in North America.

Here are the salient points about the 20202 Corolla

TNGA platform
For the past few years now new Toyota models are being produced on a new architecture, called the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). This platform allows for much stiffer structures than is currently found on other Toyota models, plus it helps distribute weight more optimally, which translates into superior driving dynamics.

The mechanics
The 2020 Corolla gets a whole new powertrain, across the trim range. In the case of the L, LE and XLE models, the engine of choice is a 1.8L 4-cylinder that Toyota promises will deliver more power and better fuel economy than the unit it’s replacing. As for the SE and XSE versions, their engine is a 2.0L unit that generates 169 hp.

| Photo: Toyota

The L trim gets the manual gearbox but only with the base version; in the SE trim that unit is available as an option. All other models get or can be had with a CVT transmission.

Take note that the SE and XSE trims get tightened-up performance settings. Toyota clearly wanted to differentiate these Corollas by decking them out with sportier styling and beefing up their on-road capabilities.

Last but not least, a hybrid version is now part of the product offering. This version, which operates using a 1.8L engine combined with an electric motor, is a significant addition to the lineup for Toyota.

| Photo: Toyota

Versions and pricing
There are many different ways you can get your 2020 Corolla. There are the six trims, as well as options packages on some of them, which makes for nine different Corollas in all. Obviously the amount of equipment and features included increases as you climb up the trim ladder.

Take note though that right from the get-go, the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 suite of drive-assist and safety functions is included as standard equipment. These include pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection (even in low-light conditions), cyclist detection, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and automatic high beams.

Here’s the rundown of the pricing for each version:
-    2020 Toyota Corolla L: $18,990 and $20,790 (manual and CVT, respectively)
-    2020 Toyota Corolla LE: $21,790
-    2020 Toyota Corolla LE w/Upgrade Package: $23,790
-    2020 Toyota Corolla XLE: $26,990
-    2020 Toyota Corolla SE: $22,290 and $23,290 (manual and CVT, respectively)
-    2020 Toyota Corolla SE w/Upgrade Package: $24,290 and $25,290 (manual and CVT, respectively)
-    2020 Toyota Corolla XSE: $28,490
-    2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid: $24,790
-    2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid w/Premium Package: $26,790

The 2020 Toyota Corolla is at Canadian Toyota dealerships now.

2020 Toyota Corolla
toyota corolla 2020
2020 Toyota Corolla
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