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A Hive of Activity at Dodge, as 14,000 Hornet Orders Received in First 24 Hours

2023 Dodge Hornet | Photo: Dodge
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Derek Boshouwers
Only the entry-level GT version is available for pre-orders now

Dodge’s first foray into electrification seems off to a good start, at least going by the (very) early reactions of consumers. The automaker says it has received 14,000 pre-orders for the Hornet plug-in hybrid SUV in the 24 hours since it presented the model as part of Dodge Speed Week.

All of those orders are for the base model Hornet GT; the more powerful – and more expensive – Hornet R/T will be rolled out in the spring of 2023.

Part of the reason for the early popularity of a model that is still months away from hitting the market is probably related to its affordable price. Dodge says pricing for the Hornet GT will be “under $30,000”, before transport and prep fees, which would put the cost for Canadian consumers somewhere in the mid-30s range (confirmation for pricing in Canada is yet to come).

Pre-orders are probably also being encouraged along by the fact consumers have absorbed the lesson that wait times for new models, especially electrified ones, are so long due to the various chip and battery shortages and supply-chain issues, that it’s wise to get in the game early. Time will tell how many of those pre-orders turn into actual sales.

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2023 Dodge Hornet, from above
2023 Dodge Hornet, from above | Photo: Dodge
2023 Dodge Hornet pictures
Derek Boshouwers
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