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3. Time to Buy?

At the Dealership
Once you find yourself inside the representative's office, try not to be emotional. Don't disclose the amount you're willing to pay. Be rational. After all, you're about to negotiate the most important purchase of your life after your house.

The Negotiation
In theory, once you have found a vehicle that meets your budget and your needs while delivering satisfying impressions during the road test, you are ready to negotiate the price.

Here, we're talking about cheaper options rather than actual cash rebates. Indeed, a dealer's profit margin percentage is higher with options than the vehicle itself. Consequently, your sales representative will have an easier time reducing the price of options that interest you.

The Contract
This is it; the only step remaining is to sign the contract. Obviously, you would be wise to read every line before agreeing to anything.

Remember that once a contract is signed, you are bound for a specific amount of time - usually from three to five years, regardless if you have bought or leased your vehicle.