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Audi Recalls 343,000 Vehicles… for the Second Time

Audi has just issued a recall of nearly 343,000 cars for the second time in under two years in order to fix a problem that causes overheating of the coolant pump.

In 2016, the automaker has carried out a software update that aimed to switch off the pump when it became blocked, and thus prevent overheating that could potentially lead to a fire.

Since then, cases arose in which cars equipped with the software update were still suffering from the pump overheating problem. Audi engineers then looked at other potential causes, and eventually concluded that debris as well as moisture could be causing the pumps to fail.

As a result, the company made the decision to simply replace the pumps to resolve the problem definitively and eliminate any safety risks.

The recall campaign affects 2.0L turbo-equipped A5 (2013-2017), A6 (2012-3015), A4 (2013-2016) and Q5 (2013-2017) models.