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Paris 2018: BMW confirms i4 will debut in 2021

In the midst of presenting several new models at the 2018 Paris Motor Show this week, German automaker BMW also confirmed that it would welcome a new rookie to its i electric division in 2021.

Though specific info was scarce, we do expect it will be heavily inspired by the I Vision Dynamics concept that first debuted last year. The vehicle’s format indicates it will be an electrified cousin of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe.

The most attention-grabbing detail that was provided by BMW has to with the i4’s promised range. We’re not talking about 400 or 500 km, but rather an astronomical 700 km.

If this comes to pass, it should put to rest once and for all the generalized concern motorists have regarding range, even when driving in winter.  

BMW is also promising unprecedented performance capacities for an electric car.

"The leading factors that will set it apart are fantastic design, which is very different to anything else on the road and the fact that it is lighter and therefore more dynamic than anything we see on the market today, thanks to the materials we will use."

- BMW head Harald Krüger, in interview with Autocar

All of it will be made possible thanks to the use of super-lightweight materials.

BMW says we can expect a standard-busting 0-100 km/h acceleration time, for example.

The i4 will debut in 2021, after the iX3, which will launch in 2020. In all, the Munich-based manufacturer plans to introduce 12 electric models by 2025.

BMW i Vision Dynamics concept
Photo: BMW
BMW i Vision Dynamics concept