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Hyundai launches the new Ioniq brand

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Hyundai has just launched a new brand dedicated to the electric side of things, the Ioniq. The latter joins Kia and Genesis, which are already part of the Korean giant. We already knew the name used to identify a model in the the Hyundai family; we will now have to get used to it as a brand.

To explain this decision, the manufacturer indicates that his gesture responds to "a strong growth demand of the market". The new division has also announced its three first models over the next four years, namely the Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7.

We imagine that the meeting to find these appellations was not very long. Let's hope for a change of course and a little more originality. For now, odd-numbered vehicles are presented as SUVs, while the even-numbered proposition is a car.

The first model expected in 2021 is the Ioniq 5. According to Hyundai, it is a midsize SUV influenced by the Hyundai 45 concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last fall. As for the Ioniq 6, it will be  following the lines of the Prophecy concept, a model sporting spectacular lines. Finally, regarding the Ioniq 7, we are talking about a new product with a bir footprint. This last one should debut in 2024.

More Ioniq models are already planned to follow the first three. Hyundai explains that all Ioniqs will be built around the theme of "timeless value," which means they will take inspiration from models from the past, but also serve as a bridge to the future.

All Ioniq brand vehicles will be added to the manufacturer's future E-GMP platform, an architecture dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles. The company explains: "The platform will allow us to rethink the interior of the vehicle as a "smart living space" with highly adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and unique features such as a glove box designed as a drawer. The platform's paradigm shift will extend to user interfaces that will be simple, intuitive and ergonomic to help occupants feel at ease. "

Of course, no technical information is known at this time, but Ioniq  promises quick recharges and an impressive range.

As for the current Hyundai Ioniq, it will continue to be a part of the brand’s lineup.

Do any of you still have doubts about the electric shift happening in the industry?