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According to the new plan, individual model prices will be set on a geographic basis (that is, Toronto's price may be different from Montreal's and Winnipeg's and so on) through an electronic poll of Access Toyota dealers and are "intended to offer customers an upfront, real-world transaction price."

Toyota Canada will continue to publish the MSRP on a vehicle so consumers can see how much less the Access Toyota price is, and Toyota Canada stresses that price is determined by the dealers, not by Toyota Canada.

Nakatani explains that shoppers can also use the Access Toyota system to calculate a final, Drive-Away price for any vehicle that includes the transaction price of the vehicle, plus any accessories, options, extra charges, taxes, and fees.

"There will be no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises from Toyota," Nakatani promises, and every Access Toyota dealer in that market will honor the Access Toyota Drive-Away price, though they may also sell for less.

Toyota anticipates that supplying shoppers with accurate pricing and product information, even before they set foot in a dealership, "will give rise to a completely new relationship with customers."