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"The consumer landscape in Canada is changing rapidly and it's clear to us that, through exponential growth in internet usage, the power of information has shifted to the consumer," Nakatani acknowledges. "Even if they stop short of an actual transaction, Canadians are using the internet to obtain information quickly, inexpensively and entirely at their own convenience."Nakatani says consumers are making more informed purchase decisions, and with the website "we're giving them the tools they need to make a great purchase."

The Access Toyota web site allows shoppers to set up and save a personal, password-protected home page at the Toyota site, he explains. "It can be used to research and price up to five of their own virtual Toyotas, adding and deleting available options and accessories, creating 'what if' scenarios, and seeing immediately how each element affects the total cost."

As for financing, visitors to the Access Toyota web site may apply on-line with Toyota Credit Canada Inc. and even secure the exact car by placing a $1,000 deposit. For the customer's protection, says Nakatani, the deposit is completely refundable if the sale is not finalized for any reason.

In addition to the web site, all of these features are also available from a Toyota dealer or at the Toyota Call Centre from 6:00 AM to midnight, Central Time, which is also available to help anyone needing help with the web site.