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Acura to Present Production-Ready Version of Precision Concept at Pebble Beach

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Honda’s luxury division Acura has for years struggled to shake the perception of creating bland, soulless car designs, but things have been looking up more recently. And a big new step forward for the company could come as soon as the next Pebble Beach Concours d’Élégance automotive event this coming summer.

Car and Driver has reported that Acura will be presenting there a new production-ready concept that will either be a direct continuation of its striking Precision concept car revealed back in early 2016 at the Detroit auto show, or a new prototype heavily influenced by it.

Whether the new “four-door coupe” sedan takes the name of the concept, revives an older nameplate like the Legend or adopts a wholly new name is not known, but that it will follow the general lines of the Precision is good news for fans of sleek automotive styling.

Photo: Acura

The design ideas introduced in 2016 with the Precision concept could also find their way into other Acura models that are coming due for revamps, such as the MDX SUV and the TLX sedan.

Car and Driver further speculates that, as the recently revised RLX (which also borrowed style elements from the Precision) has struggled to find buyers on the U.S. market, it is possible the new prototype that will be on display at Pebble Beach will either mean the demise of the RLX, or replace that sedan altogether.

Stay tuned.

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Photo: Acura
Photo: Acura
Photo: Acura
Photo: Acura