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Airplanes Greener than Cars

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If you’re of the “save the planet” mindset, then listen up: next time you consider taking a road trip, don’t. Instead, book a flight. 

Seems a bit backwards, right? As the auto industry continues to improve fuel efficiency and by association fuel ratings and emissions, they’re not quite there yet. As it stands, according to a professor at UMTRI (also a director of Sustainable Worldwide Transportation) in an article published by The Detroit Bureau, it takes twice as much energy to drive in car than it does to fly in a plane. 

According to the article: “Sivak found that the energy intensity of driving is 2.07 times that of flying. In 2012, BTU per person mile was 4,211 for driving compared to 2,033 for flying. Consequently, the entire fleet of light-duty vehicles would have to improve from the current on-road fuel economy of 21.6 mpg to 44.7 mpg for driving to be as energy intensive as flying.”

It’s rare we recommend leaving your car parked, but where the environment is concerned, this time it might be the best option.