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L’Annuel de l’Automobile 2020 : A Yearly Tradition in French-Speaking Canada Continues

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They say Canada is a land of two solitudes, and while in many ways that is less and less the case as we advance into the 21st century, for those interested in the automotive domain, there is a comprehensive resource that is widely known in French-speaking Canada, but less so elsewhere in the Great White North. We’re talking about the massive Annuel de l’Automobile guide, published yearly for the past 19 years.

This thick tome serves as a comprehensive guide for fans and consumers looking at acquiring a new vehicle or who simply want to be up on all the developments in the industry.

One again this year, the guide is, thanks to the wide-ranging repertoire of car reviews found within, a gold mine of information. Not only does it regroup reviews of current-year models, it also includes second opinions on each vehicle, as well as estimated annual fuel costs, depreciation over three years of ownership, and a “green” ranking system that identifies the most economical models. Detailed analyses are provided of 34 electric vehicle models.

A used-vehicle section for 2020
In Canada every year, there are over twice as many transactions involving used vehicles as there for new vehicles. Those familiar with the Annuel de l’automobile will see that this year a section devoted to pre-owned models, which includes reviews of over 60 models priced anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. The guide’s experts propose the best buys in each price range, but also the models to be avoided. This is a welcome addition that will help consumers make better--informed decisions.

The Annnuel de l’automobile is also unique in offering exclusive reports on different aspects of the automotive sector, among them the latest development in the industry as a whole, the electric-vehicle sector and new technologies in autonomous driving.

704 pages in all, produced by Benoit Charette, Éric LeFrançois and all the members of a team of experts that put this massive guide together every year.

The 2020 Annuel de l’automobile hits stores on August 1.