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Apple to Produce a Car by 2024?

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Tech giant Apple plans to launch production of an electric car by 2024, potentially taking advantage of revolutionary new battery technology that is on the way. This is according to a new report by Reuters.

The news agency quotes two anonymous sources who are well-versed in the project.

Before we all get too excited, recall that in 2015, the company had designed an electric car concept and was talking about producing it for 2019. In 2018, it even hired Doug Field, formerly of Tesla, to oversee the project. Field laid off 190 team members in 2019 and the car never saw the light of day.

One of the key elements of the current project will be a battery design that will dramatically reduce cost and increase range, Reuters said. The so-called "single-cell" design would include larger-than-normal cells as the main elements of the battery pack, rather than modules made up of many smaller cells.

Apple would likely use a manufacturer to assemble the car, as it does for many of its current products. Reuters also says the electric car project is not a done deal. Apple could still revise its plans and offer only an automated driving system, for example. Also, delays due to the pandemic could push the project to 2025 or beyond.

However, Apple has recently filed applications for several automotive patents, including one for a window crack detection system, a sensor housing and a holographic head-up display system. This indicates that the firm is still actively working on automotive technology. In 2019, Apple filed patents for cable steering and suspension systems.

Will we see an Apple car on the roads in a few years? Time will tell.

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