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Audi and Amazon team up for direct-to-car deliveries

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Starting in May, Audi and Amazon will team up for a unique pilot project in Munich, Germany: Audi owners who order stuff on Amazon will be able to receive their package directly to their car, no matter where it is located. DHL trucks will handle the deliveries.

In fact, this works the other way around, too. The delivery guys can just as easily pick something up from the car, like when people decide to return an item they just bought.

The system is called Audi Connect Easy Delivery. Using a GPS and a smartphone, the DHL personnel can track and unlock the trunk of a specific Audi car. They have a single-use digital access code that expires as soon as the trunk lid closes. There's also a precise time window to deliver the package.

If the trial proves successful, Audi owners will have the option to specify their vehicle as a delivery point for their Amazon purchases. For now, only Amazon is part of the project, but other companies may join in eventually.