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Audi recalls e-tron Sedan Over Battery Issue

2023 Audi RS E-Tron GT | Photo: Audi
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Daniel Rufiange
Owners are being asked not to charge their vehicle to more than 80 percent

Audi is recalling its e-tron sports sedan as well as the RS GT variant due to a potential issue with the battery, which could short-circuit and possibly lead to a fire.

Two campaigns have been launched in fact, affecting a total of 1,042 vehicles.

Audi launched an investigation into the batteries in its e-tron model after a problem was noted with the Porsche Taycan, which has a similar configuration and the same battery modules. As reported by CarBuzz, the inquiry led Audi to identify which vehicles were affected and establish the need to issue two distinct recalls, each with a different fix.

The first recall affects 1,013 vehicles and, in this case, no solution to the problem as yet been identified. Audi says these EVs can still be driven safely, but that they should not be charged to more than 80-percent charge.

Below that threshold, the fire risk associated with the issue is greatly reduced. As soon as Audi has identified a fix, it will have dealers inspect the impacted vehicles to determine if their battery modules need replacing. Letters will be sent to owners in two stages, informing them of the recall and then explaining the repair procedure. 

The second campaign targets only 29 vehicles from 2022-2023 model-years. The problem is essentially the same, but Audi is unable to identify the units concerned. Importantly, all 29 vehicles are affected by the problem, whereas in the case of the recall of over 1,000 models, only 1percent are believed to be affected. 

Again, owners are advised not to charge their vehicles beyond 80 percent in order to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of fire. Recall notifications will also be mailed to this group.

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